Hey there, I'm Bella, openminded traveller & designer who loves a good story told by a stranger. 

Fancy a CD for your business? Need some help with your branding process? Want a fun packaging or simply have a mind-blowing conversation? I can help you with that. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist & organizational queen, I am passionate about finding ways to work smarter, not harder. Therefore I like getting to the heart of things before the design progress begins. 

How do I keep my balance? Simple.. by hitting the gym, fashionate outfits or munching on some carbs (highly recommend those btw). Else I enjoy travelling around & discovering secret places spread across the pale blue dot.

Wanna' work together? Let's get some soy chai latte at your favourite spot - or let me show you mine - so you can tell me your story.

Looking forward to your amazing project,
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